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education, assholes and orgasmic gardening
essays and stories by marilyn jennerjohn
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"Toilet Tales" answers that question.

Education, Assholes and Orgasmic Gardening: Essays and Stories delivers both a dash of snark and a hint of tenderness.

In her essays-written to evoke at least a smile, if not an audible laugh-the author reveals personality traits many would prefer to hide.
  • Loves: a thirty-year-old tank top...Neosporin®...entire dandelion roots
  • Obsessions: toilet-paper feed...100% cranberry juice...hair thickeners
  • Aversions: skinny jeans...incompetent educators...clueless parents

The author’s stories, taking a different turn, may leave the reader in stunned silence or with a tear in the eye.
  • To escape captivity, the unnamed female protagonist hunts for her shoes.
  • Loving as a child, sara (no caps) becomes an eccentric, challenged adult.
  • A woman sees the man pictured reading to his young daughter as her own father.
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Marilyn Jennerjohn
A native of Crayola® Crayons “capital” Easton, Pennsylvania-Marilyn Jennerjohn sees herself as a sarcasm maven, a Redken products toutor and an inveterate weed extractor. After twenty-eight years as a high school educator, she retired in 2002 with no regrets. Currently, she resides in a South Central PA setting conducive to dandelions.
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